Why Fresh&Natural?
Fresh&Natural is a manufactory born out of passion, out of care for human beauty and profound understanding of natural possibilities which Nature’s vast resources offer. We strongly believe that Man, as a part of the biosphere, can co-exist in ideal symbiosis with Nature.
We therefore create our cosmetics with due consideration and with respect for all living creatures. Our products are fully vegetarian and certified by Vege. Also, we do not approve of petroleum jelly, paraffin, PEGs, parabens, silicones, SLS/SELS or any artificial dyes. Our formulas are founded on ecological, fair rate ingredients and simple cosmetic bases.
We personally take part in the production process and oversee it thoroughly, from the beginning until the end, to provide you with cosmetic products of the highest quality. We test our products on ourselves, we improve and revise each formula many times so that Fresh&Natural brand of cosmetics is, above all, a combination of experience, knowledge, handcraft and magnificent, carefully selected gifts of Nature.