Why natural cosmetics are more expensive, so why it is worth to invest in our beauty?

Why natural cosmetics are more expensive, so why it is worth to invest in our beauty?


We have just mentioned that our skin, like a body, deserve for the best nutrients. From time to time, we meet with a question, why natural cosmetics are more expensive than this popular, occur in drugstores. We recognize that it is a good place and moment to raise this question.

Natural cosmetics, including Fresh&Natural, often create in small workshops. They are creating with very big precise and care about ingredients’ quality. They don’t include cheap replacements, also there is no artificial pigments and aromas here. They are also not filled with mineral oils. High-quality certified components, using to their production, often have higher price than that using in mass production. It results, among other things, from a process of their acquirement – natural, herbal ingredients are keeping without using of fertilizers – their crops are less productive, so plants come from there are more expensive. Oils are cold-pressing and artificial aromas are replacing by essential herbal extracts.

Ingredients coming from reliable sources, contribute to create safe cosmetics, which first of all don’t sensitize and secondly, they can be use with different types of skin. Lack of harmful compounds, such as parabens, PEGi, SLS, SLES and others, cause that cosmetics are easy-adoptive by our body and they don’t cause any spin-offs.

Natural cosmetics, thanks to using of balanced components (but no cheap ‘fillings’) also are usually more efficient than cheaper equivalents. They are thick, filled by all variety of care ingredients – thanks to it, smaller dose in enough to satisfy our skin’s needs.

Package is also significant. Producers of natural cosmetics take a huge care to a way in which packages of their specifics are making. They can’t allow that harmful compounds inserted in boxes and jars of low quality, penetrate to such lovingly prepared cosmetic and destroy it composition. And production take of strict control and buying of special packages are additional costs.

Obviously, a price is not a determinant of product’s quality. So we highlight so much, how important is to gain a basic knowledge of compositions reading.

To have an assure that we bought for valuable ingredients, it is worth to learn a difference between good and invaluable components and to familiarize with a philosophy of a giving company’s work. Such a popular evasion of marketing concerns is using a name of (often luxury) ingredient, which in real is one from the least elements at the list of components.

How often we reach for cosmetics under the influence of an impulse, tempted by marvelous (often chemical) smell and low price? It is worth for our skin condition to invest in one cosmetic with valuable components, instead of few, any good for our health condition.

It is worth to focus on a philosophy – a minimum of harm, a maximum of benefits and invest in good specific, which will be tone in with you skin.

You deserve for it!  

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Comments (3)

    • arleta
    • 2016-09-20 10:21:39
    Też jestem za naturą i wybieram takie kosmetyk, koniecznie bez chemii, zawsze sprawdzam co mają w składzie.
    • kamila
    • 2018-04-15 09:40:24
    Mnie przekonują tylko naturalne kosmetyki, a po tym co tu przeczytałam na pewno nie kupię już zwykłego kosmetyku z drogerii bo to wyrzucone w błoto pieniądze
    • agata
    • 2018-07-17 15:13:42
    Widać różnicę między kosmetykami naturalnymi a zwykłymi nawet przy krótkotrwałym stosowaniu, te naturalne są po prostu skuteczniejsze, ja tylko takie kupuję