Fresh & Natural Cosmetics - What you should know?

Fresh & Natural Cosmetics - What you should know?

We were talking about the Fresh & Natural philosophy, willingness to share knowledge and main assumptions and objectives Brands. Today, a few words about the matter, that is our products, in fact about how the philosophy of the F & N team affect what is created in our workshop.

Cosmetics, which we produce are subordinated to the idea of body care in harmony with nature. We do care, man as part of nature derived from its resources what is the most valuable and return the respect of its gifts and common sense in their exploitation. That is why the mixture produced in our manufactory are fully vegetarian and tested only on ourselves. The fact that, we independently test our cosmetics, carries more than one benefit. Animals do not suffer, and we take part in the process of production from beginning to the end, being able to verify with no obstacles the rules and make such changes to provide you with the highest quality recipes.

Each Fresh & Natural cosmetic combines in one package some of the following functions: cleansing, regeneration, lubrication, nutrition, massage and aromatherapy. They contain natural vegetable oils, which, apart from their care and protective properties, have the advantage, that they allow your skin to breathe. Natural, fresh and specially selected components make that benefits and pleasure from the use of the products are unrivalled.

Cosmetics that contain natural substances, restore the original functions of the skin. They are designed to stimulate, regulate and support the natural regeneration processes. Such products do not produce immediate effects, because they first have to stimulate the mechanisms of the skin that have been inhibited by the conventional cosmetics.

The skin is the largest organ, that protect our body. Unfortunately, we often forget about this. Nowadays, in the area of a healthy lifestyle, ecological and natural food, external body care is still underestimated. We often reach for the first product standing on the shelf or draw attention to an attractive advertising on television. But everything that we rub on our skin, what we wash and lubricate, penetrates into the interior of our body. That is why, wise choices are very important in terms of taking care of the body, including outer layer.

The offer of Fresh & Natural include: body oils and massage, bath salts, sugar and salt scrubs, lip balms. The products have the shortest expiry, so you can be sure, that each package is prepared especially for you and is not on the shelf for many months.

We are specialists in our field and approach to the manufacture of our products very professionally, so cosmetics are also offered in larger capacities, created with the aim of SPA salons and beauty parlors.

We hope, that this entry motivated, why it is worth to investing in natural skin care. In the next post we will present a list of components, the use of which in cosmetology we consider reprehensible. Of course, none of them meet weight of our product.


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