Natural body lotion – why is it worth using?
In one of our previous articles we explained why it is worth spending some time on applying body lotion daily. Today we will try to persuade you into choosing body care cosmetics which are natural.
Skin is the biggest organ in our body. Like a sponge it absorbs everything that we put on it and transports components ( good and bad) deep into the body. The value of cosmetics that we put on skin surface cannot be without any influence on functioning of our organism. By focusing on a thought-out choice of body lotions, your skin will absorb less harmful substances every day and in exchange it will gain a dose of nutrients: vitamins, mineral salts and vegetable fats. Natural components included in the high-quality body lotions show high biocompatibility with skin cells. It follows that the natural body lotions have severalunquestionable advantages: they penetrate the skin deeply more faster than conventional cosmetics, moreover, they do not sensitize, they are mild and at the same time they intensely nourish epidermis. In another article, we described artificial components that are widely used in drugstore cosmetics which can have a negative impact on skin condition and even whole organism ( we recommend you to familiarize yourself with a description of these substances: click). In natural body lotions Fresh&Natural, you will not find: artificial preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, SLS/SLES, phthalates, PEG and PPG. In the natural lotions, the artificial preservatives, the parabens and the mineral oils are replaced with vegetable butters and oils. Instead of artificial flavors and colorants, smell and colour are obtained by mixing of essential oils or by adding cocoa. While using the natural body lotion, we have a guarantee that cosmetic which is used will not irritate our skin, will not cause disruption of the endocrine system and will not contribute to toxins retention in a body( also it will not add any harmful substances). Thanks to that the natural body lotions are friendly for allergic, people who are suffering from skin problems( acne, AZS), pregnant women and children. Due to easy and open composition, we are able to control the content of cosmetics and choose these which are the most suitable for our needs and eliminate possible allergens ( for example: we are allergic to nuts or specific groups of herbs and oils). The natural body lotions do not make our skin lazy. In contrast to conventional equivalents, they do not act superficially which causes a illusive, immediate effect. They act long, mobilize skin to work. It does not create a coat which makes our body beautiful from outside, it provides our organism with the necessary substances which allow our skin to self-regulate. It means that during long-term use of natural lotion we have a real impact on our skin condition and its deeper layers. Its effect concentrates on restoring our skin’s natural rhythm of functioning and its regeneration. In situation when we once forget to apply a cosmetic, its foregoing effects will not ,,regress’’ rapidly as it happens even in the case of the most expensive beauty products. How many times after discontinuation of a chemical cosmetic, you noticed that your skin had returned to the previous condition. Use of natural body lotions can be encouraged by the fact that they are friendly to animals . Not only don’t they contain ingredients which come from dead animals but also they are not tested on our little friends.