• 100% natural

      Our recipes are 100% natural. We do not use any harmful components and, when creating each recipe, we ensure it is based on the best things nature can give to people. We use our knowledge and many years of experience which help us extract what is the best from each natural ingredient.

      Not tested on animals

      We are faithful to the following principle: Minimum harm, maximum benefit. When creating our cosmetic products, we do not carry out tests on animals - we test all products only on ourselves. Not only does this allow us to spare all living beings the suffering, but also makes us committed to the process of creation of unique recipes from the very beginning to the very end. We take care of their quality at all stages of preparation, so they reach you only after all details have been worked on and found to meet our expectations.


      Our company is a manufacture. We produce all cosmetic products by hand and all details are worked on with great precision to meet the needs of the most demanding connoisseurs. Direct engagement in production allows for on-going verification of quality of the cosmetic product.

      Fair rate

      We produce Fresh&Natural cosmetic products by ourselves, using our own hands. We do not use any weak or discriminated persons. Each participant of the production process has our full respect and trust. We do not even consider mass production. We want to see people as good individuals, with decency and deserving fair treatment. This is our basic philosophy, setting invariable principles the treatment of anybody who wishes to cooperate with us.


      Vegetarians are a group of people who want to purchase specific food, cosmetic products and clothes. There are no short-cuts for them and they set the bar very high. They are demanding towards themselves and seek for well-though professional solutions. As creators of Fresh&Natural cosmetic products, we want to meet the expectations of this special group of consumers and provide them with top quality products, meeting the needs of persons with specific demands.

      Our efforts in this scope have been rewarded for the second time by the International Movement for Animals Viva! Foundation which has awarded us their mark V for Vegetarians and Vegans for a second year in a row. Thank you!

      Ecological shipment

      According to our philosophy, people are part of nature, therefore it shares its resources with them, allowing them to preserve health and beauty, but they should treat nature with respect and care.  Since we want to take care of the mutual relations between people and nature at each stage of our work, from production to shipment, we ship our products in environmentally friendly packaging, filled with fully biodegradable inserts.

      0% parabens and silicones

      Parabens and silicones are artificial substances in mass use in conventional cosmetic production. They can have a very adverse effect on the skin condition, therefore we never apply them in our laboratory. We do not use cheap preservatives or any artificial ingredients that disturb the natural structure and bacterial balance of the body.

      0% SLS and SLES

      SES and SLES are yet another group of ingredients we never add to our products. Cheap cosmetic detergents the conventional cosmetology is in love with do not even exist for our team, because top quality and well-being of our Clients is what matters the most for us. We do not use any strong cleaning chemicals that could cause excessive dryness or severe epidermal damage.


Sklep z kosmetykami naturalnymi - producent Fresh&Natural

  • Ecological shipment

    Ecological shipment We ship our products in environmentally friendly packaging, filled with fully biodegradable inserts.

  • Safe shop

    Safe shop We guarantee confidentiality of data sent via an electronic route. This is confirmed by the SSL certificate awarded to us.

  • Express shipment

    Express shipment The products you order are transferred to the courier within 24 hours after the payment is credited to our account.

  • Tests and microbiological examinations

    Tests and microbiological examinations We test our products thoroughly and conduct microbiological examinations to ensure safety of your health.

  • International shipment

    International shipment The Fresh&Natural team wants to meet the needs of demanding Clients on the entire continent, therefore our products will reach you in any place in Europe. In case of orders exceeding 70€ or £60, we cover the costs of shipment.

  • Free shipment
    over 70€ or £60

    Free shipment
    over 70€ or £60
    We cover the cost of domestic shipment of any order with value exceeding 70€ or £60.

  • Broad product offer

    Broad product offer We have a broad offer of products of many fragrances, diversified compositions and unique properties. We also keep working on new recipes, thus trying to meet the on-going expectations of our Clients.

  • Quality guarantee

    Quality guarantee We produce our cosmetic manually, with extreme care, using specially selected components which guarantees top quality of products offered by us.

  • 100% available products

    100% available products We make the products on an on-going basis. Therefore, only products currently in stock are presented on our website. Buying from us, you do not have to worry about being disappointed with unavailability of the purchased product.

  • Gift wrapping

    Gift wrapping Upon Client’s request, we provide beautiful gift wrapping for our products. In case of bigger orders, we can also create a really glamorous gift basket from the set composed by the buyer.

  • How did our great-grandmothers take care of their beauty?

    How did our great-grandmothers take care of their beauty? In our modern world, the shelves in the drugstores are loaded with various products. We can choose from a whole range of cosmetics and personal care items offered to us are sold in series dedicated to different types of complexion, specific age groups or as part of a particular fragrance line. We are given a limitless selection of products. However, as recently as a hundred years ago, ladies who wished to take care of their external beauty took most of the care products directly from nature.


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